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GMG Pellet Grill Choice Daniel Boone WiFi Stainless Hood

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GMG Pellet Grill Choice Daniel Boone WiFi Stainless Hood

Store Pick-up Only


  • Digital Control

  • Meat probe

  • Automatic grill shut-off

  • Wifi Control

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Bonus bag of GMG Pellets & and a Free Upper Rack 

Save up to $129.95

Not available in conjuction with any other offer.

The reason that pellet grills win far more than their fair share of BBQ competitions is that the food simply tastes better when cooked over real wood. Propane has absolutely no taste, and the process of making briquettes destroys the flavor molecules in the wood they are made from. Our pellets are made from clean, kiln-dried sawdust, with the flavor molecules totally intact! And what could be easier than pushing a button – set it and forget it! Now you can “turn pro” in your own back yard.

The Daniel Boone pellet grill comes with a meat probe, a peaked lid for stand-up chicken/ large fowl/ rib racks, a convenience tray with utensil hooks, hard rubber tires and a venturi-style firebox for cyclone combustion. It also has Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors the ambient temperature. When it gets cold outside, it kicks the grill into Turbo mode so you don’t have to wait long for the grill to heat up! Other features include a positive pressure hopper fan to prevent burn-back, a 68.6 x 40.6cm stainless steel grate, “fan only” mode with automatic shut-off to blow ash out of the firebox after you finish grilling and 34.3 cm clearance inside.

How it works:

A motor turns an auger which feeds pellets into a firebox. There, a hot rod automatically ignites the pellets, and a combustion fan keeps them burning. A fan inside the hopper maintains positive pressure which prevents burn-back in the auger tube. A sensor mounted inside the grill sends data to the on-board computer ten times every second, and the controller adjusts the air and pellet flow to maintain the temperature you set.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Smokers Brand Green Mountain Grills
BBQ Brand N/A
Sauces Brand No
Rubs Brand No
Brand No
Store Pickup Only Yes
Item Height No
Item Width No
Item Length No
Item Weight No