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Beer Can Chicken Cooker 2 Hot Chicks

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Beer Can Chicken Cooker 2 Hot Chicks

  • Made from 100% stainless steel

  • Provides a unique cooking style

  • Can be used with any oven or covered barbeque



Feasting on a good meal with can of beer in hand is about as iconic as you can get for many Aussies. If the thought of a coldy to complement a roasted chicken is your idea of a simple, yet highly appetising meal, then you'll love the idea behind the Beer Can Chicken Roaster.

We've gotta admit, when we first laid eyes on this product we kinda laughed - I mean that couldn't be a beer can stuck up a chicken's behind could it? Alas, our eyes weren™t fooling us, the Beer Can Chicken Roaster is exactly that, a collapsible wire frame supporting what can only be described as one alcohol consumed chicken.

But alcohol isn't the only thing you put in the Beer Can...see the real beauty about Beer Can Chicken is that you put in the Beer Can exactly what you want to,  your own sauces and spices. Beer doesn't even have to come into it, even lemonade will do. Chickens are also optional as other birds (e.g. turkey, duck, etc.) cook just as well.

Here's how it all works: dress a chicken with your own or pre-packaged spice mix, sit it on the roaster and place it in your oven or covered BBQ , basting or turning is not necessary. When cooked, the result is a moist chicken, full of the unique flavours and scents of your choice and crispy flavoured skin right  around the chicken, with no soggy or un-browned areas. Easy, isn't it?

Due to the vertical cooking style, there's no need for oil. Excess fats simply drain away, a real plus for cholesterol watchers. Best of all, when yo're done, the roasting frame collapses flat for washing and storage, ready the next time you get an appetite for Beer Can Chicken.

The fact that there are hundreds of possible recipe combinations for Beer Can Chicken may be just as bad as it is good, but whatever it is you're gonna have fun the next time friends and family are over. Spice up your chicken roasts today!

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