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Weber BBQ Q1200 Duffel Bag

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Our Price: $49.95

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The Weber Baby Q Duffel Bag makes storing or carrying your baby q easy. Whether for camping, caravanning or traveling the Duffel Bag has been designed to keep your bbq neat and tidy.

The duffel bag is soft in construction enabling it to shape/hug and the Baby Q. This makes it easier to load and save on space.

The Weber Baby Q Duffel Bag outer material is a durable, heavy duty blend of polyester and cotton. Inside the duffel bag has a removable fibre-board base that the Baby Q sits on, reducing wear and tear on the outer material from the Baby Q legs. Heavy cross stitch is used for the handles. The grip handles at the end have the added advantage of foam inserts making the carrying of the bag far more comfortable.

This new Duffel Bag will make an ideal Christmas Gift, so get in early as we expect them to sell out.

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